DHH Health Resources

Resources for Deaf and hard-of-hearing health education and accessibility

NAD-DSA Minimum Standards for VRI

NAD-DSA Minimum Standards on VRI describe the use of Video Remote Interpreting in healthcare environments.

Florida Attorney General’s Form for Reporting Hospitals

Deaf Health Communication and Quality-of-Life Center

Directed by Dr. Poorna Kushalnagar, the Deaf Health Communication and Quality-of-Life Center conducts research on Deaf people’s health and shares health information in ASL.

Sexual Health Information in ASL

The National Center for Deaf Health Research in Rochester, NY provides information on safe sex, STD and HIV prevention in ASL through their Deaf2 program.

My research focuses on health services - specifically, healthcare access, utilization, and delivery - for people with disabilities. I am an applied mixed methods research methodologist, with expertise in advanced quantitative methods.