Social Epidemiology and Clinical Informatics
for Disability Health Equity

Mission: Study how ableism and its subforms (e.g., audism, vidism) in society and medicine impact the health outcomes and quality of life of people with disabilities.

Our Primary Research Areas

Item response theory test information function curve.
  • How can we improve the study of disability health? 
  • How can we use mixed methods to improve our understanding of complex social and health justice issues? 
Photo from National Eye Institute showing two doctors looking at a computer
  • How can we use electronic health records to improve the delivery of care for people with disabilities? 
  • How do we improve usability of health informatics tools?
Image from Rare Disease Day of a man in a wheelchair talking to people at a table with a poster behind them.
  • How do we improve health information access for people with disabilities? 
  • How can community partners improve information access?
Blind woman with a black lab Leader Dog.
  • How does ableism impact the health and quality of life of people with disabilities? 
  • Are medical facilities complying with federal accessibility law? 

Primary Communities We Serve

Out in the Community

We are Affiliated with

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